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Magician Jania Taylor

No artificial flavors, no added sweeteners. Just 100% genuine motivation.

"There Are No Glass Ceilings"

With over two decades of entertaining at hundreds of events, Jania has witnessed all aspects of human behavior. She has come to the conclusion that "There Are No Glass Ceilings."

Life can be an illusion, and we create our reality by the choices we make.  When individuals answer to their own lives through ownership of their choices, they become better communicators, better employees, and better leaders. 

Jania motivates your employees or group to create the highest vision possible of themselves. She will open them to different possibilities of thinking. 

Through humor and magic, Jania will illustrate:  How we allow others to put us in boxes, how we accept others' truths of ourselves as the truth, how we are all mirror images of each other, and how we sabotage ourselves and goals with self-constructed barriers.

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