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"The accolades received by the host installations confirm your commitment and dedication to ensuring the success of our mission, taking quality entertainment to our troops overseas."
- Janice G. Long, Colonel, USAF

"Thank you for an outstanding evening of comedy and magic. This was an ideal way for setting the atmosphere to carry out our theme, "The Magic of Archway."
- Donna Pape, Archway Cookies

"Everyone enjoyed the show! The audience participation was a big hit!"
- Beth Wilson, ARO Corporation

"I am still hearing comments about changing the one dollar bill into a $100!  You are easy to work with and a seasoned pro!"
- Dennise Voegele, E. D. Jones

"Jania Taylor would add fun, excitement and entertainment at any function no matter how light or serious it may be. Her very apparent enthusiasm and professionalism will surely delight you."
- Kurt Kah, Findaly Publishing Company

"The magic was truly mystifying and your personality a treat. Thank you for a perfect ending to our evening."
- Jeanne Burt, Don R. Fruchey, Inc.

"Great entertaining show! Your program was well planned and the audience was very captivated by your magic, and charismatic personality."
- Pat Leland, Fleet & Industrial Rubber Products, Inc.

"You're entertaining and magic is memorable. Comments ranged from spectacular, great, nice change, enjoyable. Your act was fresh, entertaining, and funny!"
- Carla Anderson, GTE Telephone Operations

"I heard nothing but praise for your show. Both your strolling and comedy magic were VERY well received by our members. The audience participation added a very special touch to our event."
- Nancy Heck, Indiana State Bar Association

"Everyone truly enjoyed your humor and excitement you put into your act. By having employees participate added even that much more humor to your act. It was fun to watch their reactions as you stumped them!"
- Gary King, King Transportation

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