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Magician Jania Taylor

The focus of a trade show is to attract attention to your company.

How do you do that? Like everyone else? Design a fancy booth, get some big signs, and hire a model to pass out giveaways that end up in a drawer.


Do you want to stand out among the competition, and have your booth the buzz of the trade show floor?  f so, invest in an entertaining and product educating salesperson to head up your team.

Magic By Jania is the two-for-one salesperson that builds product awareness by entertaining and educating your potential clients!

First, you provide a powerful sales message.

Second, Jania will weave that message into a custom-scripted magical presentation.

The magical presentation will be unique to your company, and...

$ Stop crowds at your booth
$ Generate quality sales leads
$ Promote your company
$ Provide product information

Jania takes a break with the staff of Safe T Supplies, Expo Industria, Panama City, Republic of Panama.It takes more than a fancy booth and a model to generate all of that.  Stand out among the competition, and showcase your company in a different light.

Magic By Jania ~ the two-for-one salesperson, is your best marketing tool to help achieve your trade show goals.

Trade show giveaways:

Need more then pens, pencils, and post-it-notes for giveaways?  Keep your trade show giveaways from vanishing into the office drawer abyss.  Everyone wants to know a magic trick. Magical giveaways are kept and used. Each time your client shows their trick off, your company will be visible.



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